Col Harjit Singh

Col Harjit Singh (Retd) - Chairman

Right through his walk in the Christian faith there have been more questions about the external appearance than the internal faith and beliefs, as if the Lord God had made a mistake in choosing and initially in creation of man, for man was created with full hair on the body and not otherwise. Probably even today the Phariseesism has not died down and symbols take priority in many minds over professing the faith in the death and resurrection of the Lord.

After having served in the Army for a period of more than 28 years, Col Harjit Singh joined a Canada based NGO in 2002 to reach out to over 100,000 people in 64 villages in Punjab (India). The three years project was aimed at encouraging the target group to adopt preventive healthcare through healthy lifestyles. Thereafter, he joined a Cardiac and Trauma Center as Chief Administrator. As Regional Vice President of The Gideons International in India, he organized and coordinated the distribution of Bibles to millions of young and old alike in Northern States of India.

He has since been involved in reaching out to people in various countries and guiding them about their place as sons and daughters of God through Christ the Lord.

We have a team of prayer warriors and experts in the Word of God to answer questions raised through this forum and to pray for and with you for any issue. We do not claim to be in the know of everything in the Scriptures but we attempt to answer your questions as led by His Spirit, for He alone has all the answers.

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