Jesus – The Tree of Life
Jesus - The Tree of Life

Jesus – The Tree of Life

In the beginning—–the earth was without form and void, is the start of the creation of everything on the earth. Lucifer “the anointed guardian cherub” was pushed out by God from His presence because of his rebellion and cast down to the earth (Isaiah 14:15 and Ezekiel 28:16-17). Lucifer was the messenger of light while ‘light of the world’ is Jesus and in himself Lucifer has no light. His descent to the earth was to a place without God’s presence and any such place is always void, empty and without shape. In His mercy, God finally decided to inhabit the earth with His presence and create life on it while “the Spirit of God moved over the waters”. Nothing was happening till God commanded “Let there be light”- God’s Word appears at the Divine edict and His glory fills the earth with light. Jesus, the Living Word is the restorer of everything on the earth; broken relationships, broken homes and broken lives.

Jesus is life and for the first three days of the creative process no natural light is available on the earth and darkness (Satan) and light (Jesus) dwell together on the earth. On the fourth day sun, moon and the stars are created and moon is required to provide light during the night, while it has no light of its own. We, the followers of the Lord also have no glory of our own but what is given to us by the Lord, “And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one” (John17:22). As moon is supposed to reflect the glory of the sun, so we are required to reflect the glory of the Son and provide light to those still in darkness.

The nature of God is revealed in His Son and He breathes His spirit, the ‘ruach’ and part of God was placed into man. The dominion over everything was given to man to “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing moves on the earth” (Genesis 1:28). Satan steals these rights from man through guile and deceit and only a man, born of a woman, could recapture those rights from Satan to give to the original rules; The Man.

Jesus could not be created for this very reason and had to undergo the humiliation of becoming dependant on his earthly mother and adopted father for sustenance during the early years. He was born of a virgin, through a womb that had not yet suffered contamination by man, through the power of the Holy Spirit. This gave Him a body devoid of sinful nature, a soul free of any sinful knowledge, thoughts and desires and a conscience filled with only Divine presence. Jesus, because of this inherent pure nature, could claim to be sinless and say “Which of you convicts Me of sin?” (John 8:46). It was because of this He could claim to have a perfect communication with God the Father to know and act according to His exact and perfect will.

God is self existent and not created, limitless, pure and holy and immense; thus His love for His creation also is not confined to any boundaries, is pure and holy without expectation and eternal, for till God is His love is. That is why the first time that God identifies Himself with a name to Moses, He gives His name as “I AM”, God is present to love, to bless, to heal and to keep us in His Divine shadow forever. Jesus represents this love that the Creator ‘empties Himself’ of all Divine power to become a man to dwell among us to show us His love. In John 3:16 the first word in Greek is ‘hutos’ meaning “so much love” God gave to the world and in the next verse, 17th, the reason is not to judge and blame but to love and save. His love is exclusive to each person, “so much love as if I or you are the only person in the universe to be loved by Him”.

In Genesis 1, God visited Adam and Eve; later on in the Old Testament, God was present with His people in the “cloud by day and pillar of fire by night”. In the third stage through the death and resurrection of Jesus, God now moves from without us to within us through the Holy Spirit and the final stage will be in the New Jerusalem when God will establish His rein on the earth.

The indwelling Christ restores the sinless stage of our being and through daily fellowship cleanses our nature in to His very own self. Jesus despite being the Son of God does not seek His glory but of the Father, “He must increase and I must decrease” (John 3:30) that in My life through My words and deeds God the father must exalted. Paul preaches the same thing “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5).

Jesus as God put on the flesh of man, sacrificed Himself on the cross and through resurrection with the same body as a man put on God to be our Chief Priest and mediator with God to enable us to be restored to our original body made in the “image and likeness of God”.

By believing in Him we obtain “the right to become children of God”. Have you claimed that right?    

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