• Why Do You Cry to Me? Why Do You Cry to Me? - God does not withhold any good thing from His children but our moving forward in faith is an act of appreciating His love, our dependence on Him and what we seek to receive.
  • Who Is My Neighbour? Who Is My Neighbour? - The God who has chosen me is the one I want to be like and He died for me to give me eternal life while blessing my life here and I shall reach out to others in need.
  • Melody From The Cross - The Son of God showed us the way to worship from the cross and became the Chief Worshiper leading the angels in heaven and His Church on the earth in worship of God the Father.
  • Humility and Power Humility And Power - The Servant King Lord Jesus has assured the humble of not only entry into His kingdom of heaven but also an inheritance on the earth rewarding them till eternity.
  • Bringing Every Thought Captive Bringing Every Thought Captive - The devil tests our faith every moment by attacking our mind and this battle is won by living in our Lord’s presence basking in His love and glory.
  • The Tongues of Fire The Tongues of Fire - Our heavenly Father in His love is ready to ‘give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him’ and like manna in the wilderness it is given afresh daily.
  • Image by Alexander Antropov from Pixabay Weapons of Spiritual Warfare - We are not left alone in our spiritual battle and like a good Father God not only equips us but is always by our side to strengthen and guide us.
  • Defeating The Demons Defeating The Demons - The task to dominate and subdue the earth is repeated in letters to the seven churches with promises of great rewards to those who overcome for HE knows our potential.
  • Defeating Your Goliath Defeating Your Goliath - Like David, we too can defeat the goliaths of our life once we look unto Lord Jesus and ignore completely the size and nature of the giant, for our God is with us always.
  • Jabez & Our Boundaries Jabez & Our Boundaries - Jabez entered the history of Israel despite his difficult beginning by following God’s commands and yearning to be useful to Him by receiving endless blessings.