• Is Being Rich a Sin? Is Being Rich a Sin?- The Creator entrusted everything to us as custodians and a caretaker must remain focused on the One who has given it rather than the gift.
  • Why was Noah chosen? Why Was Noah Chosen?- While living in a world ruled by the forces of evil, the only way to escape judgement is to seek and find grace from God through faith in His Son.
  • Pleasing God Pleasing God- God has created mankind for His glory and He watches over us as a loving Father to correct and help us to please Him in all that we do.
  • The Two Trees The Two Trees- The two Trees of Eden, like today, were God given option to choose earthly knowledge or to live eternally in His presence by enjoying His love through His Son.
  • Can Satan Attack Believers Can Satan Attack Believers- Satan’s success in deceiving is to make us believe that he is not thereby trapping us in his schemes in our ignorance and only the gullible would allow this.
  • When Prayers Remain Unanswered When Prayers Remain Unanswered- Lord Jesus taught us to pray that God’s name be hallowed and in everything we seek or do this must happen for God to answer the prayers
  • Setting Our Life Goals Setting Our Life Goals- Before the sun had come up on that day none except the Lord was aware of this man’s future and after healing him Lord Jesus set an entirely different role for him.
  • Partnering with God Partnering with God-               God created heaven and earth and all that is there in the universe for His glory. He established His throne in the heavens above and created mankind and all that was needed to support man on the earth and gave dominion over all this to man to “dominate …

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  • Bringing Our Thoughts Under Control Bringing Our Thoughts Under Control- The victorious will receive extraordinary reward of sharing the throne with God's Son and all believers are empowered through the Holy Spirit to bring all thoughts into captivity.
  • Faith of God & Eternity in Our Hearts Faith of God & Eternity in Our Hearts- The All-Knowing God created mankind despite being aware of their sinfulness and imbued them with an eternal quest to know Him to understand themselves for being in His image.