• Being Blessed. Being Blessed - Knowing God the Father through His Son and then through the indwelling Holy Spirit get sanctified and transformed into His image is the real blessed state.
  • You Are The Light of The World You Are The Light of The World - He is the vine and as His branches we bear His light in us for He is the source and enlightens us to become His light bearers to remove darkness in others.
  • God is My Light, My Strength & Shield God is My Light, My Strength & Shield - We can face the Goliath’s of our life with God as our glory, strength and shield and then a small stone hurled in faith is enough for God gives it speed and direction.
  • Make Things Happen Making Things Happen - God breathed a part of Himself into man to make him a speaking being thus enabling him to act in faith to bring to reality the spoken word.
  • My God, My God – It is Finished My God, My God – It is Finished - The thick darkness of our sins covered not only the cross but the whole earth and Lord Jesus ‘finished the exchange’ to make us righteous in Him.
  • Image by bluebudgie from Pixabay Let This Cup Pass - The same Spirit of power and love that dwells in us, led Lord Jesus to fulfill all that the Father had decreed and helps us to be transformed into His image.
  • How Much More Faith How Much More Faith - Unanswered prayers do not necessarily reflect a weakness in our prayer life but are probably a process of refining by fire towards greater glory in Him.
  • When Nothing Seems to Work When Nothing Seems to Work - God equips us with His authority and power to overcome all temptations and trials and be victorious yet remains ever ready to reach out to help in our storms.
  • Be Still & Know God Be Still and Know GOD - Various sounds, heard and unheard, surround our heart, mind and soul sapping our strength leaving no silence to hear the still small voice of God.
  • Is Being Rich a Sin? Is Being Rich a Sin? - The Creator entrusted everything to us as custodians and a caretaker must remain focused on the One who has given it rather than the gift.