Is There a God??

Is there a God? Who is He and what sort of traits does He have so that we can know Him, understand Him and attempt to know His will and act according to that, to be blessed. God is sovereign, loving, a father but He is also just, meeting out punishments to those who disregard His statutes. On the one end He is Jehovah Jireh, the all providing God who created everything that a man required before bringing man on the scene in the Garden of Eden, while on the other hand He brings in the flood whereby everything except Noah’s family and two pairs of every animal and bird was saved.

He is the loving Father who is always eagerly waiting for His prodigal sons and daughters to return to Him so that He could embrace  them, love them, give them a new life, restore all their rights and cause them to have a new beginning. But He is definitely not a doddering grandfather handing out booty to the unrepentant while winking at and ignoring their transgressions and sins. He doesn’t need us but He wants us – He did not need to create anything for He is complete in every aspect in Himself, yet He created us out of His sheer love. The all knowing God knew beforehand what I and You would do in our lives yet He was pleased to create us and give us a chance.

There is nothing that we can do to earn His love, yet it is His mercy to love us despite our weaknesses. The only thing we can do is to enjoy His merciful bounties and thank and glorify His name. Praise the Lord!!

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